About Us

Brenda Key School of Dance was founded in 1972 by Miss Brenda Mavis Key.


Brenda Keys’ childhood passion for ballet was compounded by her teachers Ruth French and Phillis Bedells; her training and love for ballet led her to enjoy a fulfilling and successful career as a professional ballerina.


After retiring as a professional dancer Miss Key founded The Brenda Key School of Dance in 1972. The school has been and still is resident at The Bourne Methodist Church in Southgate, North London.  Miss Key was also a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examiner and travelled extensively examining abroad and throughout the UK; she retired as an examiner in 1990 after her last tour in Brazil.


Miss Key was a valued Life Registered Teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance for over 40 years and made a great contribution not only to the Academy, but to the lives of many young students and dancers over the years and to dance education itself.


Brenda Key built her school with passion, values and excellence; instilling discipline and the determination to achieve in every child; wanting the best for and from her students. Brenda Key imparted her knowledge with pride and made an invaluable contribution to the local community, families and most of all her students.

Brenda Mavis Key



It is with deepest loyalty to my dear friend that I am committed to keeping the legacy of Brenda Key and her passion for dance alive.  The Brenda Key School of Dance has an established place in North London and continues to serve it well.


With the strong foundation set by Miss Brenda Key, our underlying ethos, our passionate teachers, our determination to bring out the individual best in every child and our committed families The Brenda Key School of Dance continues to excel to an exceedingly high standard.


We are determined to make a difference and deliver dance education to an exceptional standard where every child feels supported and valued.

                               Debbie Van Turenhout