Students must wear RAD exam regulation dance uniform to classes.

Students should come to classes smartly dressed with their hair tied in a bun.

Jewellery is not allowed with the exception of single ear studs. No jewellery is to be worn on exam days.

Pre-School, Pre-Primary and Primary

RAD sleeved pink leotard and skirts, pink ballet socks or tights, pink ballet shoes

Grades 1 to grade 8

Either ballet socks or tights with RAD sleeveless leotards, colour depending on grade -

Grade 1-2: lavender

Grade 3-4: mulberry

Grade 5+: navy

Vocational: black


RAD character skirts and shoes is a requirement for all graded classes (not Primary or below).

Grade 6-8 will also require chiffon skirts and silk scarves.



Beginners - Grade 3

Girls - purple unitard and white tap shoes and white socks

Boys - smart trousers/shorts and t-shirt, black tap shoes and white socks

Grade 4+

Black leotard with black tap shoes for tap

Heal and toe taps are required for Graded classes

Modern classes - Jazz or ballet shoe